Greater Philadelphia Track Club

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Note: Greater Philadelphia Track Club promotes competition for post-high school and older athletes only.  


President: Craig Strimel
1st V. President: Tom Jennings
2nd V.President: Rachel Wise
Treasurer: Chuck Shields

Feb 18: Fireside Frostbite 5 Mile √

March 18: Haddonfield Adrenaline Run 5K

Apr 16: Valley Forge Revolutionary 5 Mile

April 30: Blue Cross Broad Street 10 Mile

May 29: Memorial Main Street Mile Yardley
Jun 3: Scott Coffee Moorestown 8K
Sep 10: Main Line Run 5K, Wayne
Sep 17: Philadelphia Distance Run 13.1
Oct 7: Delaware Distance Classic 15K
Nov 5: Run the Bridge 10K
Nov 18: Phila 1/2 Marathon & Rothman 8K
Nov 19: Philadelphia Marathon

2022 Series Champions!

2021 Series Champions

2019 Series Runners-Up
2018 Series Champions
2017 Series Champions

Road Team Captain: Lauren Siegel

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Mar 11: Looney Leprechaun 10K, Richboro

Apr 1: Tyler Arboretum 10K, Media

May 21:  Coventry Woods 10K, Pottstown

Jun 25: Run for the Ages 10K, Reading
Jul 30:  Triple Trouble 15K, Elverson

Aug 20: Chobot Challenge 15K
Oct 7: Camp Innabah 5 Mile, Spring City
Oct 22:  Evansburg Challenge 10 Mile, Collegeville
Nov 25:  Delaware Open XC 5K, Wilmington

2023 Series Champions!

2022 Series Champions!

2021 Series Champions

2019 Series Runners-Up
2018 Series Champions

Off Road Team Captain: Lorraine Jasper

Click series title at top for complete information and links to all races

Mike Fanelli 1956 – 2023

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that our long-time club member and generous sponsor Mike Fanelli passed away. Following is a note from his wife Renay.

Dear Friends & Family,
It is with unbearable sadness that I share with you that Michael has passed away from brain cancer, at home, surrounded by loved ones. While he was a public figure in many ways, he was also a very private person. Because of that, he chose not to share his diagnosis broadly, preferring to live his life as if he was living, not dying.

A little over a year ago, Michael was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Nevertheless, he faced this journey in the same way he approached all he did in life: with determination, discipline, dignity, and optimism. As a coach, he often told runners to divide the race into thirds: “Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the final third, with your heart.” In many ways, it’s how he took on his illness. 

Through it all, he continued to do the things he loved, including running, of course. In October, he achieved his goal of reaching 115,000 miles run, the equivalent of traversing 4 times around the world. As many of you know, mentoring and coaching were lifetime passions of Michael’s. He truly believed that the world was a place of abundance and wanted to share that with others. And in the process, he had the privilege of influencing and inspiring so many along the way.

For Michael, the magic happened when pushed outside his comfort zone. In a podcast a few years ago, he said, “As long as I can come across the finish line…knowing that I couldn’t possibly have run one iota faster, that to me, that’s satisfying.”

Delaware Open XC Championship 5K – Wilmington, DE

Lorraine Jasper 24:04, 78.740%

Gene Dykes 24:02, 78.017%

Larry Rechtin 21:04, 76.661%

Don Morrison 24:06, 75.311%

Keith Davies 21:55, 74.981%

Carmen Zappile 20:35, 74.494%

Mike Flanagan 20:40, 73.629%

Linda Boyer 27:07, 72.649%

Stan Hatch 22:17, 72.476%

Chuck Shields 22:45, 72.234%

Matt Cutrona 20:46, 72.071%

Bruce Weber 22:33, 71.619%

Tom Jennings 29:27, 68.817%

Sheila Regan 25:31, 66.819%

Duncan Smith 26:23, 62.855%

Rachel Wise 23:53, 62.526%

Christine Kelley 31:42, 59.779%

Tom Wise 31:01, 57.711%

2023 Turkey Day Races:

Gobble Wobble 5K – Haverford, PA

Mary Pat McFarland 26:28, 1st W60

Ken Kapner 21:22, 1st M60

Tel Hail Turkey Bowl 5K – Honey Brook, PA

Don Morrison 22:19, 1st M70

Face to Face 5M – Philadelphia, PA

Tom Jennings 44:09, 2nd M70

Leroy Miles 48:23

Delco TT 5K – Wallingford, PA

John Gagliardi 16:37, 2nd M40

Theresa Gagliardi 20:46, 3rd W40

Chester County TT 5K – Downingtown, PA

Mike Padilla 16:23, 1st M40

Jason Holroyd 16:22, Masters Winner

Erika Holroyd 19:59, 1st W40

Kim Dietrick 20:37, 1st W50

Leslee Hoey 21:15, 2nd W50

Toss Your Turkey 5K – Pottstown, PA

Larry Rechtin 19:10

Philadelphia Marathon Weekend of Races


Doreen McCoubrie 3:21:41, 88.100%

Marten Beels 2:52:05, 75.293%

Kara Rubinich 3:18:11, 72.004%

Brett Hina 3:35:46, 66.677%

David Webb 3:33:13, 63.394%

Half Marathon

Gene Dykes 1:35:33, 88.104%

Brock Butler 1:12:43, 86.408%

Fernando Moura 1:39:27, 81.063%

Scott Burns 1:15:41, 80.973%

Kim Dietrich 1:37:23, 74.979%

Mike Bodary 1:40:09, 73.223%

Theresa Gagliardi 1:35:14, 69.986%

Siobhan McHugh 1:47:04, 69.847%

Mark Wenger 1:41:01, 68.553%

Mary Pat McFarland 2:03:44, 66.891%

Steve Sawyer 2:04:48, 64.597%

Julie Levick 1:59:50, 63.950%

Bob Boland 2:22:24, 53.605%


Tim Harte 27:40, 89.217%

John Becker 26.28, 85.139%

Don Morrison 35:31, 82.872%

Jason Holroyd 27:57, 82.588%

John Gagliardi 27:38, 81.544%

Lauren Siegel 38:23, 81.502%

Bob Reynolds 33:35, 81.241%

Mary Swan 38.12%, 80.846%

Matt Cutrona 31:15, 77.653%

Phil Reilly 35:57, 75.892%

Erika Holroyd 34:15, 74.258%

Jim Bell 49:14, 65.064%

Ken Kapner 35:49

Karen Wheeler 47:51

GPTC Club Social was Saturday, Nov 11th

To celebrate our 2023 success we returned to The Mile Bar on Saturday night, November 11 for a lively Beef & Beer.  This is also the club’s annual fundraiser to support our ongoing efforts.  Much was accomplished in 2023 with several team LDR AG championships and our first National T&F title!

This was our 2nd event in New Jersey. It supports our efforts in Track & Field, Cross Country, Road and Trail racing. This event also helps to keep our membership fees low (we have not increased dues since 2008!)

PLATINUM: Kelly Welde & Co LLP CPA’s, CFG Bank

GOLD: Delvin and Davirah Dinkins, Cathy Popovitch, Chuck’s Cross Country Calendar, The Pugliese Family, Bruce Rash.

SILVER – Len Garza of Premier Insurance Group LLC, Lauren Siegel, Vincent R. Liott, Inc., Claudia Simpson, Betsy Stewart, Alison Schwalm, John Becker, Paul Brock, Michael Rohl, Carl Stocking, Waldo Hernandez, Greater Philadelphia Combined Events, Wale Aka-Bashorun

BRONZE – Sandra Folzer, Gene Dykes, Tim Conheady, Tom Jennings, Doreen McCoubrie

Raffle Items: Thanks to the following for their contributions:

Painting, wine, book and clothing – Sandy Folzer
French Creek gift certificate – Diane McManus
Wine basket – The Pugliese Family
Jim Beam Black and assorted swag – Chuck Shields
Basket – Lauren Siegel
Pair of Sixers tickets – Tim Naylor
Stoked Oats – Gene Dykes
Wine basket – Vince Liott
Basket – Guy Delillio
Pair of Women’s running shoes Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 (size 6) – Keith Davies
Born to Run gift certificate – Jim Assal
Sunday Morning Track basket – Andrew Albright

Greg Cheney – Setup

John Curtis – Clean up

Gene Dykes – photos

Wally Hernandez – trivia games

Anthony Pugliese – 50/50 tickets

Alison Schwalm – music

Lauren Siegel – admission

Rachel Wise – raffle tickets

Run the Bridge 10K – Camden, NJ

Chip times:

Zach Miller 32:14, 1st Master, 85.005%

Brock Butler 32:58, 2nd Master, 87.159%

John Becker 33:28, 3rd Master, 84.512%

Tim Harte 35:16, 1st M55, 87.949%

Matt Cutrona 39:26, 1st M50, 77.303%

Chuck Kruelle 41:39, 2nd M55, 74.470%

Doreen McCoubrie 42:56, 1st W60, 90.722%

Theresa Gagliardi 43:21, 1st W40, 71.242%

Fernando Moura 43:37, 1st M70, 83.798%

Kim Dietrick 43:59, 1st W50, 76.582%

Ken Kapner 44:21, 1st M65, 76.700%

Gene Dykes 44:48, 1st M75, 85.045%

Alison Schwalm 46:52, 3rd W45, 68.350%

Siobhan McHugh 48:44, 2nd W50, 70.725%

Lauren Siegel 49:05, 3rd W60, 80.407%

Linda Boyer 49:37, 1st W65, 81.693%

Reza Manavi 50:41, 56.232%

Tom Jennings 52:37, 2nd M75, 77.922%

Steve Sawyer 54:19, 3rd M70, 67.291%

Julie Levick 56:34, 62.345%

Jim Bell 1:03:05, 3rd M75, 63.672%

Sandy Folzer 1:06:06, 1st W80, 87.544%

Diane McManus 1:42:00, 1st W70, 43.905%

Bethlehem Running Festival

5K – Gene Dykes 21:02, 1st M70, Anabelle Broadbent 23:36, Dave Broadbent 26:13, 2nd M70

10K – Gene Dykes 44:37, 1st M70, Anabelle Broadbent 49:05, Dave Broadbent 54:09, 3rd M70

HM – Gene Dykes 1:41:18, 1st M70, Anabelle Broadbent 1:57:14, Dave Broadbent 2:06:44, 2nd M70

Evansburg Trail Challenge 8.3M+/-, Collegeville, PA

GPTC places 2nd at Evansburg – but the 3-way club race tightens heading into the finale at Brandywine on November 25.

Rachel Wise, Sheila Regan and Don Morrison lead their age groups in Individual Series standings

Kara Rubinich, Linda Boyer, Stan Hatch, Scott Armstrong, Mike Flanagan, Gene Dykes, Tom Wise also are top 3 in their divisions.

Race scores – Pike Creek 337.370, GPTC 327.050, Rosemont 314.830

Top 6 Race Scores – GPTC 1988.801, Rosemont 1963.765, Pike Creek 1944.087, Pineland 1668.241

Mike Flanagan 1:01:51, 3rd M50, 69.040%

Stan Hatch 1:05:57, 2nd M60, 69.060%

Rachel Wise 1:08:29, 2nd Overall, 60.880%,

Maria Winters 1:11:22, 1st W30, 59.010%

Sheila Regan 1:18:24, 1st W50, 61.140%

Linda Boyer 1:23:31, 1st W60, 66.930%

Tom Wise 1:29:51, 3rd M68+, 56.140%