Greater Philadelphia Track Club

Relay Selection Rules

GPTC Relay Team Selection and Race Organization                                                                    draft 12/20/2019

Selection Method

   a) Starts with tracking times throughout the qualifying period. Highest consideration being given to the 4 fastest times.

   b) The qualifying period begins AFTER each PENN RELAYS.

   c) The end of the qualifying period will be determined by the Track Committee for each event.

   d) Qualifying times must be Open 400 FAT results which can be verified, preferably by internet results.

   e) At the discretion of the Track Committee, internal Club races can be held with appropriate team supervision. This should be used only as a last resort.

   f) For M40, MSO and M60 4×400 relay selection, a qualifying standard needs to be met in order to insure a member’s inclusion on the relay

   g) For M40 the standard shall be 57.00 (81.02% Age Grading for age 40). For MSO the standard shall be 60.00 (82.55% for age SO). For M60 the standard will be 65.00 (81.35%).

   h) Other events such as the 300 or 600 can be used. The time for these events will be converted using Age Grading (at age 40 or 50, whichever applies) to a 400 time. For M40, a 57.00 400 converts to 39.77 in the 300 and 1:40.39 in the 600. For MSO, a 60.00 400 converts to 41.93 in the 300 and 1:40.39 in the 600.

   i) IF a candidate does not have a time in the 400, 300 or 600, times for 200 and 800 will be considered but at a stricter Age Grade %. The 200/800 conversion will be as follows: Apply the appropriate AG% (M40 or MSO) and divide by 1.05. This adjusted AG% will be used to get a converted 400 time.

   j) The opportunity to qualify via the 800 or 200 is only for candidates with no open 400 FAT seed time. The standard will be 105% of the 400 Age Grade% shown above. For M40, the Age Graded standard would be 85.07% (105% of 81.02). This translates to 2:05.04 for the 800 and 24.49 for the 200. For MSO, the% standard is 86.68% (105% of 82.55). This would be 2:14.19 for the 800 and 25.86 for the 200.

   k) If less than 4 candidates meet the qualifying standard, the Committee will choose the remaining member(s). Consideration will be given to historical performances before the qualifying period. The qualifying relay members should be consulted.

   I) Club members meeting the standard (and in the top 4 times) must be able to perform at the level of their qualifying mark on the day of the event. In cases of injury or inactivity of a candidate, the Committee may decide that the candidate is not fit enough to race on the relay. Again, the other relay members should be consulted.

   m) Newly recruited club members can qualify using marks that predate their club membership as long as they can be verified and are during the same qualifying period as every other candidate.

   n) For 4×100 relays, we will continue to track outdoor 100 seeds as well as indoor 55/60 seeds. Age grading %’s using age 40 or 50, as appropriate, will be applied to the marks with the 4 fastest being chosen. It was agreed that our 4×100 pools are not yet large enough to apply qualifying standards.